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Media Training

Clarity clients emerge from our trainings sounding thoughtful and insightful, not programmed and coached. That's because our sessions go way beyond the here-are-your-three-key-messages approach. Our techniques allow you to subtly steer media interviews so they sound like real conversations, not stilted talking-point memos.


  • Understanding the mindset of a reporter
  • Maximizing control during an interview
  • Steering clear of negativity
  • Deftly handling controversy
  • Listening to the questions more effectively
  • Branding yourself without overtly selling

Remote / Satellite Media Tours

Sitting alone in a TV studio, listening to questions through an earpiece and answering them directly into a camera is not natural. It’s also not a scenario you can practice at home. That’s why we built a dedicated SMT practice studio that helps the trainee become familiar and comfortable with this setting.


  • Avoiding the deer-in-the-headlights syndrome
  • Holding your own with multiple guests
  • Maintaining an engaged demeanor
  • Handling technical difficulties